Fam Battle Reloaded

Manual Patch Download:
FTP: 6091 Patch

In this new patch, Fam Battles will never be the same. We are reintroducing the Club Battle mode.

There are four new modes for your Fam Bat experience:
• Dynamic-4
• Dynamic-8
• Dynamic-C-4 direction
• Dynamic-C-8 direction

Fam Bat ACE
Fam Battles are getting more and more tight and intense. The more points you got, the more chance of become Fam Bat’s Ace.

There are types two types of ACE:

• BASIC Ace – Existing Ace Fever have the same process
• Hero Ace – Ace effect will increase greatly increase bonus by perfect gage.

How and when you will become ACE?
Be the ACE of your FAM in the battle by earning the highest score and going freestyle. In knowing who the ACE is, you have to make a hit on Level 7 & 8 keys. Once you become an ACE, you will take on the “ACE FEVER” challenge from level 9 to finish. Users get freestyle chances twice on each level on dynamic mode. Users cannot move position during Ace fever section and just follow the dynamic mode input way.

There is variety of battle to choose from before the dance off:
• Friend Battle – Friend Battle won’t affect the Fam Battle Records and Fam Points
• Power Battle – Upon Win/Lose, there will be a great increase/ decrease in Fam Points
• BASIC – Existing Fam Battle have the same process

Other New Updates
New Mission Mark
Your mission mark is changing colors and transforming to show everyone on what missions that you have taken from Normal to Hidden Missions

For every mission that you have accomplished, it will keep on showing your mission accomplishment status before you dance

Couple Shop Update
We have new update in the couple shop. Aside from new couple certificate items, this section has a preview button where you can see the appearance of you and your couple partner in the couple certificate.

New Couple Garden Items
We have new garden accessories and seeds for the couple garden

New Avatar Items
We also have new avatar items from faces to accessories

New Songs
a. Titanium (David Guetta)
b. Dance Again (JLo)
c. Peacock (Katy Perry)
d. What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction)
e. Don’t Stop the Music (Rihanna)
f. Fire Burning the Dancefloor (Sean Kingston)
g. What the Hell (Avril Lavigne)
h. The Show (Lenka)
i. Mambo No. 5 Easy
j. Mambo No. 5 Hard
k. Black or White (Michael Jackson)
l. Raise Your Glass (Pink)
m. Stupid Girls (Pink)
n. Creep (TLC)


Discussion Thread

Here is a quick course on how to install Audition Dance Battle. Scroll down and reach each instruction carefully in order to install the game client correctly.

1. The current Audition game client installer (6086) has eight (8) parts. Make sure that you have them all in your computer. You can download the files HERE.

2. Start the installation process by double-clicking on the “Audition_6086_Full_Installer” application.

3. Once the installation process starts, a Setup Wizard will appear.

4. The End User License Agreement (EULA) will appear next. Please read the EULA carefully before clicking “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” and clicking Next tab.

5. Afterwards, you will be asked where you want to save the Audition program. As such, select the destination folder for the program. The default path will be Drive C. After choosing and verifying the destination folder, click the Next button.

6. After verifying where you want to save the Audition program (game folder path), the installation button will appear. Just click the Install tab and the program will now proceed to install Audition.

7. After the installation is done, you will be redirected to the E-Games website where you can register for an Audition game account (if you don’t already have one). Congratulations! Your Audition Game Client is now ready to use.

Couple Garden Expansion Patch

May dagdag na ligaya sa Couple Garden Expansion Patch dahil may Den Mole na at mga bagong Item para sa Couple Garden. Sinabayan pa ng mga bagong Music at mga Avatars.

Ang lahat ng ito ay lalabas na sa February 20, 2013.


Dahil dito sa Audition, sikat ka!


Patch 6086: Couple Garden Expansion


New features:

-New Avatars
-New Musics
-Den Mole
-Couple Garden Expansion Item
Den Mole


New Music


Couple Garden Expansion Item


New Avatars